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Penis enlargement – how to make your penis bigger?

You’re worried about the size of your penis and wondering how to enlarge it? Unnecessarily-the length and thickness of the penis can be very varied, and the problem with size is usually possible to compensate by choosing the appropriate sexual techniques. However, if the size of your penis does not give you peace, try simple exercises that will make your penis slightly longer.

Penis enlargement by home means is unlikely to give results. The best effects will give you surgery or injections.

Ways to enlarge your penis

How to enlarge your penis? This theme enjoys constant interest of men. Sexologists with one voice ensure that there is no size or shape, but the finesse is paramount-despite the gentlemen and so they know theirs. According to them, the longer the member the better. After all, a large penis will satisfy the partner more quickly and arouse the jealousy of other men.

How to enlarge your penis? Check out our most recommended ways:

  • Penis enlargement pills
  • Penis enlargement Surgery
  • Penis enlargement hyaluronic acid
  • Extenders magnifying penis
  • Penis Pumps
  • Penis enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement pills

member xxlMember XXL are excellent tablets for non-invasive penis enlargement. The effectiveness of this preparation is confirmed by numerous opinions of specialists and satisfied users of the Internet and consumers.

It is the only such product on the market that allows you to increase the size quickly and safely up to a few centimeters. After a few days of use you will notice a significant change. The action of Member XXL is based solely on natural and unique ingredients that do not cause any side effects, and act directly at the point and stimulate the length and volume of the penis.

Grab this safe supplement, used by satisfied men from around the world. You forget about shame in the bedroom. Don’t even think about using painful surgical procedures or strenuous exercise. You can feel like a god of sex right now and it’s really at an extra price.

Note! Special OFFER-order 3 packs, and the next 3 will be completely free.

Penis enlargement Surgery

If the size of your penis does not give you the peace and life with such “equipment” it seems to you quite tragic, first of all go to the doctor – sexologist or urologist. You will probably find that there is nothing to change, at most you can improve the technique of lovemaking. However, if you don’t have any winnings yet, you can check out the penis enlargement techniques.

The ways to enlarge the penis is very much – unfortunately those that almost immediately give the effect come down to surgical intervention. Because the operation is essentially the only and as effective method for enlarging a member.

During the treatment the ligaments is cut, connecting the penis with the pubic bone, causing the penis to leave and seems longer. However, these are expensive operations, and in addition, although the significantly anticipated effect is seen, complications can occur. The man can then have trouble hitting the target, and the biggest problem may be to pinpoint the G point. In addition, after such surgery, erections, as they define sexologists, tend to be shaky with a high risk of collapse.

Penis enlargement hyaluronic acid

It’s a relatively new way of enlarging a member, but it performs more and more aesthetic medicine clinics. Its unmistakable advantage is the fact that it avoids surgical intervention.

The treatment involves ostrzyknięciuing the penis with a special formulation containing hyaluronic acid (it is a natural substance that is biodegradable in the body and does not cause side effects). It is carried out under anesthesia, so the patient does not feel discomfort.

Penis enlargement hyaluronic acid gives satisfactory results right away, although immediately after surgery you have to refrain from cohabitation at 2-4 weeks. The effects you can count on are: elongation of a member by 1-3 cm and thickening by 2-5 cm.

Disadvantages? Penis enlargement in this way is volatile-the hyaluronic acid is gradually degraded, so the effect is usually maintained 1-2 years. In addition, the procedure is expensive, it costs about 4-5 thousand zlotys.

Extenders magnifying penis

Special penis enlargement devices are available on the market by stretching it. These are called extenders. The device wears daily for several hours-at that time the tissue of the penis is stretched, but it is not intense enough for the male to feel discomfort. To perceive the effects, it is necessary to demonstrate systematic and patience-the final result is visible only after 6 months of continuous use. The length of the penis can actually increase by 2-3 cm.

The use of Ekstenderów as a way to enlarge the penis is, however, associated with risk. As a result of stretching may appear painful erections, disorders of the perfusion member (due to constant pressure), as well as abnormal sensations within the glans, which can be irreversible. In addition, there is no guarantee that the effects will arise and even if, it may be temporary.

The penis pump is applied approximately. 30 minutes before the relationship.

Another way to enlarge your penis is to use a pump. The device takes the form of a transparent cylinder which is applied to a member. Then pumping should wtłoczyć air into it which will cause enlarged penile corpora cavernosa and blood flow to the penis. When a member reaches the desired size, it is necessary to slide the ring on the cylinder and attach at the base of the penis so that the blood does not odpłynęła. Then you can make a ratio. After it has been completed you must remove the ring absolutely.

The effectiveness of penis pumps is based on the fact that the pumping procedure permanently enlarges the body of the hemangioma penis. However, there is no clear scientific evidence, and doctors themselves do not agree on the effectiveness of the device.

Penis enlargement Exercises

Some sexologists ensure that properly selected exercises, not surgery, pushups, injections or rings on the penis will make it pokaźniejszy. Provided they are appropriate exercises, preferably prescribed by a doctor sexologist or urologist. Even those with the simplest appearance in some cases (e.g. when a man suffers from any ailments) could harm.

How to enlarge your penis using exercise? There are different variants on the network, but if you feel like using them, please pay attention to who is recommending them and who they are “facing”. If the author convinces that after a few days you will be about 2 cm long, or, what is the case, the difference in length you’ll notice after the first exercise, it’s better not to obey them. Miracles are gone.

Good to know

Before you proceed to penis enlargement exercises

Measure your member in a state of flaccid and erection and save the results. They will be useful to know how to change.

Also note what exercises and when you will perform.

Remember that better results are achieved at a younger age. At a later stage, wait for the results to take longer.

Obtain some moisturizing agent to smear the penis before exercise (note lube only require some exercise)

Exercise, like any other, start warming up your penis. For example, let go of a stream of warm water (can not brew). The idea is that a higher temperature has extended the blood vessels. You can also apply a warm compress on the penis (not on the testicle). The heating should not last more than 5 min. then wipe your gem and massage a little olives for your children or, if you prefer, lube.

Penis enlargement Exercises: stretching, compression, shaking

This type of exercise does not harm, and can help significantly. Here’s what you can do for your penis:

Grasp its head (at rest) and gently try to stretch it. So as not to make any pain. In a stretch, hold OK. 15 – 20 seconds. Then release and repeat stretching again several times. After stretching shake the penis to restore normal blood circulation to the organ.

Exercise should be performed daily, preferably several times a day, for example. In the shower, after urination, before sleeping or after waking up. These exercises do not require lube.

Try to move the penis during an erection, several times, in different directions.

Stretch and relax the muscles of the anus. To see if you’re doing it right, tap the place between the scrotum. If you feel it is tense, it means that you are exercising properly.

If your penis is in the so-called state. półerekcji, apply a moisturizer, then grasp the member with your thumb and forefinger and move your hand as if you were exercising the milking movements. And then change your hand. And so for about 5 min. Note If you feel approaching ejaculation, stop and wait until the excitement passes.

Penis enlargement does not need to be necessary

The shape of a male member, like its length and thickness, is varied. And that’s pretty hard. At rest the length of the penis can range from 5 to 15 cm, but most men count between 8 and 12 cm. In contrast, the average thickness of a member is 2.5 cm. in erection, the penis has an average of 12 to 18 cm in length.

The size of the penis may vary according to many factors. And so eg. The penis shrinks under the influence of low temperature, fatigue, anxiety, panicznego fear. With age, unfortunately, the member also decreases. It is interesting to know that the change in the erection length compared with the length at rest is varied and there is no regularity.

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